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Bad Santa

Dec 22, 2006

There was originally going to be a lot more to this week’s entry, but in truth, a little of my Christmas cheer has deserted me through the chaos of continual illness, numerous emerging problems and having to deal with the above while still keeping on…

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“The pain… oh, the pain…” said Doctor Zachary Smith

Dec 14, 2006

In a tad too much pain this week to write a true entry (on top of my illness, my wisdom teeth are causing problems as well, so I’m writing between moments of painkilling lucidity). Last week’s Wii feature actually went up early-this-week, with a new…

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So much for the weekend update

Dec 10, 2006

Best laid plans, hm? Yeah, had a few problems in getting a weekend update done for about… ooh, a billion reasons. But yes, my Wii was indeed one of them. It’s a great, great machine and enamoured me far more than I expected considering I’ve…

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Warning: the following programme contains scenes of a vague sexual nature and mild peril

Dec 05, 2006

Yes, I know I’m early. No, I’m still not well. Despite this week being far kinder on my schedule than the last couple, I know -just know– I’m not going to be able to get anything too meaningful from the spongy trifle that is my…

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Wii, football, flesh, comics, eBay and more more more (“how do you like it, how do you like it?”)

Nov 29, 2006

A weird entry this week, mainly because I’m half decided against writing one at all. Not through any reason suggested in my comments from the last entry, or even because of the deadlines (which surprisingly, I’m just about on top of). But simply because I…

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Conspicuous by its absence

Nov 23, 2006

No real update this week, sorry. Kinda a ‘good news’, ‘bad news’ thing because while I don’t have the time to create a full entry for this week, the reasons behind it is simply because I have a ton of work going on that’s going…

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Let me tell you a story…

Nov 15, 2006

I struck a dog last week. Not a real dog, you’ll understand. I may be cynical and slightly warped at times, but I’m not as bad as to actually hit a real animal. But in a videogame, I hit a dog, entirely intentionally. Allow me…

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The Art of Fighting (a continuation of “Thems fightin’ words”)

Nov 11, 2006

Okay, slightly back on track after a busy week of running around and beating deadlines over the head until they rolled over. Got more deadlines coming up, so let’s jump to it… As previously promised, an example of the numerous issues which occur in writing…

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Interlude – The Christmas shopping discount bonus

Nov 08, 2006

Before I continue with my blog on dramatic fighting, I stumbled across this and thought it would be best to share it: This site has internet codes for vouchers from tons of online shops, ranging from Early Learning Centre and Amazon, to HMV and…

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