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Corey Brotherson is an award-winning writer, editor and creative consultant who has worked in the video games industry since 2001 as a journalist, critic and content producer for over a dozen companies, including Sony PlayStation, Yahoo! and the Eurogamer Network.

He’s the co-writer of the world’s first Windrush video game – Windrush Tales – an in-development branching narrative, co-created with writer/narrative designer Chella Ramanan. Amongst other narrative based work, he guest teaches writing to junior and secondary school students, has scribed over a dozen comic book stories since 2005, including women-focused sci-fi anthology Deadlier Than…, and the critically acclaimed ongoing graphic novel series, Magic of Myths (with artist and co-creator Sergio Calvet), is the editor and social media manager of children’s book publisher Butterfly Books, and the adapting writer/line-editor for Yomi Ayeni’s non-colonial steampunk transmedia series Clockwork Watch.

In 2020, Corey was selected for the London Games Festival Ensemble exhibition, in recognition for his work in the video games industry, and became a lead narrative designer for Surgent Studios on a currently unannounced IP. He is also a full voting member of BAFTA, and has been a judge for the BAFTA Game Awards on three occasions.



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