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A weird entry this week, mainly because I’m half decided against writing one at all. Not through any reason suggested in my comments from the last entry, or even because of the deadlines (which surprisingly, I’m just about on top of).

But simply because I don’t really know what to write about at the moment.

So this is going to be an organised, stream of consciousness thing, albeit tidied up, edited and probably fairly short because my mind is a little distracted – oh, and I’m listening to the Villa match at the moment (come on you Claret and Blues!)

– My newest column at WiiChat is uphttp://www.wiichat.com/nintendo-wii-articles/6046-failure-launch-within-realistic-expectations.html- , with another on its way in a day or so. So far they’ve been well received, which is a huge relief. I really enjoy writing them and I missed penning columns after a break from them earlier this year. Turning out weekly ones should be an interesting challenge, but I relish having weekly work in the same way I relish having to write a monthly script. Gets me off my arse, gets me to think more creatively under pressure and in turn, keeps me slightly saner than if I keep these things pent up. Writing is such a cheap form of therapy that it’s almost a side benefit that I both love it and get paid for it. Although obviously, both those factors tend to go a long way in practical terms. Just as well, really.

– The most recent issue of my comic book series is written, and I’m happy with it, but I’m also s*it scared. I go through phases where I’m paralysed by the worry that the stories will be ripped to shreds by the readers, I didn’t do enough research, it’s not entertaining, not enough action, not enough characterisation, continuity problems… all sorts. This feeling comes and goes, often dependant on various factors, but I’m over my scheduled panic attack for this month. The good thing about this fear is that it forces me to do much better afterwards, to write a better issue than the last and keep the quality as high as I can. Although my editors are happy (I think!) with things so far, so that’s massively important and means a lot to me.

– Villa just went one down to Man City. Who scored? Our former striker, Darius Vassell, of course. You have got to be freaking kidding me. He ALWAYS scores against us since we sold him! ARGGGHH. Always!

– I’m ill right now. And it sucks. I wish it was something like man-flu, but in truth, it’s actually something far worse. I think it’s a throat infection of somesorts. It started out as a cold, then today I woke up with the inability to swallow without pain and the really weird feeling of what I can only describe as like having a piece of hanging flesh stuck in my throat that I cant swallow, but feels like it’s going to pop out when I try to talk. Which in turn makes me want to retch. Not too comfortable. Talking isn’t fun, as I’m pretty much reduced to half sentences, semi retching, gutteral clicks, hand signals and nods. This is on top of the orange fluids coming from my nose on regular occasions, between sniffles (sorry, but I have to share this with someone – ha, now you CANNOT UNSEE WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN!). I’m consuming vast quantities of orange juice, Strepsils, Lemsip, throat spray and whatever else I can grab, although nothing I do can get around that feeling of having flesh stuck in the middle of your throat. At this point, man-flu would be a sodding blessing.

– Ebay. Annoys. Me. I swear, I cant be more clear about my sales on eBay, yet buyers still often insist on being outraged when I tell them shipping will take around 5 days, despite the fact I STATE IT CLEARLY ON THE ITEM DESCRIPTION. They often then go, “oh, I didn’t read it.” What?! Is reading that difficult? Especially when it’s information you’re PAYING MONEY FOR? Honestly, I really do think I could put stale dog poop on for sale, label it as “£10000 for free! L@@k!”, have a disclaimer at the bottom saying it’s actually dog crap and people would still bid on it. Urgh.

– My Wii fund has now surpassed the price of the machine (yay) which means I’m entering ‘how many credit notes can I get for an extra controller/game/whatever’ territory. Although saying that, I’ve still not heard from GameStation that my pre-order is 100% confirmed, so I may be unlucky and miss out on launch day. I may stand a chance if I go to the midnight opening, but the idea of running around Brum at 12.30am, trying to get home on the nightbus with £200 worth of fancy new console goodness fills me with dread. So if I have to wait another week, so be it. I could probably do without the work distractions anyway. Although I’m supposed to be getting it so I can… do… work… related… reviews… ah. Yes. Dammit.

– Stop! Strepsils time!

– More articles are on their way to Boomtown and Sony PlayStation Europe.com come this time next week. Should my throat have not fallen out by then, I’ll post links, probably in lieu of a proper blog entry.

– If we don’t equalise against Man City soon, I’m not going to be happy.

– The Strepsil nearly cut my tongue just now. Strepsil revenge is a spiky thing, indeed.

– We just conceed another goal. Really now, come on. This is getting stupid.

– This entry is OVER.

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