Content Production And Editorial

Related education:

  • MA & PG Diploma, Multi-Media Journalism
  • BA, English Language and Literature


Related roles:

  • Copywriter – Apple
  • Content and social media producer for Crash Bandicoot: On the Run – King Games
  • Content producer – and PlayStation.Blog
  • News, reviews and feature writer – Eurogamer
  • News writer –
  • Feature writer and reviews writer – Teletext’s Game Central
  • Guest reviewer – Sky One’s Gamesville
  • Games producer and editor – Yahoo!
  • Guest reviewer and anchor – ITV’s Revved Up
  • Writer and console section editor – Games Domain

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Quick and dirty

This week’s update is just as its title suggests; nothing long and rambling (or that’s certainly what I plan – we’ll see how long this is by the time I’m done). Instead, this will be a nice short bullet point batch of stuff off the…

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Stage Fright

Well after a week of carnage on more levels than I’d like to admit, I’ve finally got off my backside to update. Now, I’ve a million things swirling around my head at the moment, but realistically I’m only going to blog about a few of…

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Control me like a puppet on a string

Writing is difficult. The process of creation can be a bit of a strain on not only your mind, but various aspects of your life too. There’s many times where you’re closed off from your family and friends because, simply, you need to write. You’ll…

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A game of you… and sometimes me

One last drop in the ocean before I go to bed (or read more of Lone Wolf and Cub; whatever comes first). I was originally going to post more preview pages from my forthcoming comic story Bad Luck Inc. to break up the large blocks…

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A brief peek behind the curtain

I’m losing my mind. I’m slowly going insane, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to stop it. This probably isn’t news to many of you, but at times I feel like I’m reaching critical mass and all manner of scary thoughts start…

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Primes – sample 2

Biggeron ‘the sharp shooter’ opened his eyes from his ritual show meditation. His large, balding, 7ft, pasty white frame had been working for hours now, with the Gods-day festival well and truly in stride by the hazy and warm afternoon. Amongst the numerous festivities of…

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Primes – sample 1

“Come back here you li’ll thief!!!!” Jinx didn’t bother looking back at the ‘slightly’ angry stall vender as he sprinted towards the back ally which would lead out of Axal street. He wasn’t quite sure why his telekinesis failed so suddenly, especially seeing as the…

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The Primes background blurb

So, Primes. This started after being inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. In essence, a fantasy-comedy. Thankfully (for the sake of identity), I found my own voice fairly quickly with the whole thing, and it evolved into something totally different. As previously explained, the Primes…

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This entry comes in at a strange time. Work-wise, I’ve been assigned with a veritable mother-lode, which has had me slightly panicked about getting everything done in time for deadline (I’ve not missed a single one since going freelance, although that’s because I refuse to,…

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The inevitable F.A.Q – Part 3: Fiction and comic books

Fiction and comic books: What do you do in the fiction/comic book industry?Currently, prose, scripting and reviewing. Who for?I review for ComiX-Fan on a mostly monthly basis. I’m also writing projects for Gorelab, Futurius, Onyx Cross and a couple other independent comic book companies I…

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