The Primes background blurb

So, Primes.

This started after being inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. In essence, a fantasy-comedy. Thankfully (for the sake of identity), I found my own voice fairly quickly with the whole thing, and it evolved into something totally different.

As previously explained, the Primes world revolves around a group of powerful people designated with their abilities since birth. People who are given a role in society since conception, and provide that task for the rest of their lives in the knowledge that they are among the very best in the world who can do it. They remain a small percentage of the world they live in, but there’s enough of them to rule given how powerful they are. Imagine, if you will, all the best, most talented people in the world, all living in the same place, as self appointed rulers because no one can depose or challenge them. The rest of us, who have to work at our talents, are resentful but have to deal with it. They’re born like that, we are not. Wars are won because they have Prime warriors and kings who are nigh perfect at their roles. They have the best homes because Prime architects can get the best materials and build quicker than just the more ‘merely’ talented architects. And so on.

It’s an indisputable social hierarchy, founded on magical bias.

So what happens when those abilities are suddenly taken away?

Primes‘ central concept is just that – what happens to a race of people who have never had to truly work for their talents, suddenly find themselves without them? What happens to a King who loses his ability to rule and make good decisions? What happens to fighter who suddenly finds he cant fight? A cook who cant cook?

Primes is essentially about the consequences of losing something we’ve taken for granted all our lives.

It wasn’t meant to be a series of books – after all, this one isn’t quite finished yet, and it was started 11 years ago. The prequel was born of me realising that no one is going to buy a 100,000 word novel from an untested, rookie writer. So the solution was to either get published before I shop it around, or start with a smaller series of books in the same universe to establish the concept and my writing. Turns out both are happening anyway.

So, here’s a couple chapter samples from different parts of the novel so far. There are currently 30 chapters, to give you an idea of how much is written, with the finished novel probably coming in at around 45 chapters. Perhaps worryingly, some of the stuff I wrote as a 16 year old required very little editing compared to the stuff I did as a 24 year old. Hmm.

Samples coming next. I promise.

[Naturally, all the following/above is ©2006 ~ Corey Brotherson, unless noted otherwise and cannot be used without permission. Thank you.]

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