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Writing is difficult.

The process of creation can be a bit of a strain on not only your mind, but various aspects of your life too. There’s many times where you’re closed off from your family and friends because, simply, you need to write. You’ll need to get the thoughts out of you or you’ll go insane (I’ve actually written a story about this which an artist is currently looking over for me, so it’ll be easier to explain then).

Worse, when you’re actually not locked away in a room hitting a keyboard repeatedly for hours on end, even when you’re with people, there are these… moments. Moments of staring into space, trying to fix a ‘problem’ with your story or making little dialogue snippets or constructing scenes that you hope a reader will throw up with enjoyment. Then the frantic moment of trying to capture those thoughts before they fly away, only to be seen in eluded fever dreams.

It can’t be helped.

These things never leave you. While some jobs can be switched off the moment you leave the office, it’s the plague of the ‘home job’ that you can never truly leave behind the stress when work invades your personal space. And when you write, you carry it around everywhere with you. It’s inescapable.

It can’t be helped.

Writers, by nature, are insane daydreamers living in a world of tired-closed eyes that only open when something is finished. And it’s never truly finished. It’s difficult.

But what’s even more difficult is the waiting.

I’m waiting on a billion things right now. Talented artistic partners to complete the visualisation of my scripts. Editors to tell me if they want other scripts for their anthologies/publications. Pay cheques to clear for accepted stories. Unfinished labours to come into daylight clarity so I can add another fiction piece to my portfolio. It all takes time and effort to stop going over the edge when these things threaten to drag you off with them. But I wait, in the hope that the waiting will be worth it. Because writing is difficult.

So in this phase of waiting and writing, I ask you a question. What would you like to see here? I cant always keep throwing out extracts of my work, as it creates problems with what I can show and how often – and you’ll probably get bored anyway. So, in an effort to be a little more interactive and provide some breadth to my space here, I’m asking this:

What would you like to see in this blog?

As long as it’s writing connected (and doesn’t break any NDA/confidentiality contracts I’m involved in) I’ll take consideration of your suggestions. And I don’t even have to know you to take it on board. I’m aware of a fair few lurkers on here, some more regular than others, so it doesn’t matter if you visit often or are just passing by. Throw something out there and I’ll read it. After spending most of my days in a room, by myself, typing and listening to voices in my head, it’ll be nice to have something and real people to bounce off.

So hit me with your rhythm stick.

Hit me.

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