Deadlier Than…

“A magical blend of futuristic science-fiction and other-worldly fantasy… captures a certain essence fans of Monstress and Descender are sure to enjoy.”

Heather Antos – Marvel’s Star Wars editor

Enter the dangerous world of three extraordinary women (and one very brave spider), each battling for their souls across four separate fantasy and sci-fi based adventures.

Deadlier Than… features four short stories:  

The Cure for Fire (fantasy/sci-fi) – by Corey Brotherson, Olivia Samson, Ted Brandt and Kit Buss. Set on a faraway war-torn world, a fierce young warrior has been branded an outcast with one final mission – to find a cure for her dangerous mental illness…  

The Flower Girl (spy thriller/urban fantasy) – by Corey Brotherson and Jennie Gyllblad. A plucky M15 field operative is tasked with hunting a supernatural murderer – but what is this agent’s strange secret linking her to Britain’s mysterious past?  

Transient Blues (pulp sci-fi) – by Corey Brotherson and Olivia Samson. After spending years trapped on a distant world, what happens when a legendary sci-fi heroine starts to suffer from creeping middle-age self-doubt during a desperate mission to save a whole race?  

She (illustrated prose fable) – by Corey Brotherson and Jennie Gyllblad. Trapped in an impossibly tall walled garden, a tiny, five-legged spider is faced with adversity and mockery at every turn. How can she escape imprisonment surrounded by disadvantage – and is it even possible?

Cover art and logo design by Megan Bradbury
Lettering and production by Mike Stock
Editors: Matt Gibbs, Yomi Ayeni, Chella Ramanan
Foreword by Rhianna Pratchett (Tomb Raider, Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge, Lost Words: Beyond the Page)

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