Clockwork Watch

“I like Clockwork Watch a lot. It’s a steampunk story with genuine soul that brings a fresh approach to the genre. A real labour of love.”

Bryan Talbot – Grandville creator

An immersive participatory story originally conceived by transmedia specialist and storyteller Yomi Ayeni, told through graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, freeform role-play and more, Clockwork Watch is a non-colonial steampunk story where clockwork mechanics have become the most important development in the world.

Our online storyworld ( hosts updates from the Clockwork Watch universe. We invite participants to interact with news by contributing, photographs, videos, letters, even drawings showing how developments affect their characters, living in the Clockwork World. While our Production Blog ( lifts the lid on the making of Clockwork Watch, including press mentions, activities, and background.

Clockwork Watch is illustrated by a variety of artists, including Jennie Gyllblad, Megan Bradbury and Ed Jimenez, and lettered by Mike Stock.

Get into Clockwork Watch via the main titular series or via any of its accessible parallel stories, Tick Tock IPA, Evolution and Sins of My Father.

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