…where I’ll be doing the following:

Magic of Myths

– Launching and selling Magic of Myths: 2013 preview
– Selling Magicof Myths: season one
– Playing the Magic of Myths card game with showgoers 

Clockwork Watch:

– Launching and selling the Clockwork Watch 2013 preview book
– Selling Clockwork Watch: The Arrival
– Talking at the Clockwork Watch panel on Sunday at Alea Cinema Room, 1.10pm – 2pm

Unseen Shadows:

– Supporting the launch of Tales of the Forgotten and Unseen Shadows: Year One
– Talking at the Unseen Shadows panel on Sunday at Alea Cinema Room, 12.10pm – 1pm

I’ll be in the Royal Armouries Hall (tables 81 -82) with Jennie Gyllblad andYomi Ayeni: http://thoughtbubblefestival.com/royal-armouries-hall-floor-plan/. Hope to see you there!

We’re not done with Unseen Shadows yet…

First up, here’s the final teaser for Tales of the Forgotten:

And now there’s this:

Unseen Shadows: Year One

Unseen Shadows: Year One launches at this weekend’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds – it’s a DVD containing not only digital copies of the first anthology Tales of the Fallen but also the brand new anthology Tales of the Forgotten. There will also be the Fallen Heroes novel in e-book and audio formats as well as the first three episodes of the audio drama Empire of Blood. It’s the perfect way to leap into Unseen Shadows‘ world of spies, adventurers, vigilantes, thieves, global conspiracies and supernatural terror.

The DVD will go on sale at the Thought Bubble Festival for £10. You can reserve a copy by emailing Barry Nugent at barry@unseenshadows.com.

Tales of the Forgotten is nearly here – launching at next weeks’ Thought Bubble, several promos have been released already: 

When truth must be stolen from the mouths of the wicked, it falls beyond the reach of mere heroes.
Liars, loners, losers – trapped on the outskirts of a war fought in silence and shadow. Drawn into darkness, they flee it, they study it, they make it their home.

They are the Forgotten – a flickering circle of torchlight in an expanding world of Unseen Shadows.

Read the preview here: http://unseenshadows.com/tales-of-the-forgotten/

Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows – Tales of the Forgotten is nearly upon us….

Following last year’s successful Unseen Shadows – Tales of the Fallen, this collection of stories features the talented works of creators including Richmond Clements, Alex Moore, Cy Dethan, Valia Kapadai and Nic Wilkinson. I’ve two stories in this: Stolen (with Cormac Hughes on art, Paul Mclaren doing the lettering and Vicky Stonebridge providing the colours) and Fight or Flight (with Jorge Oliveira delivering the art and Paul Mclaren again on the lettering).

Working on these stories has been great fun and I’m lucky (as always) to have worked with such talent. A release date for the book will be revealed soon, but you can check out previews of Stolen here: unseenshadows.com/2012/09/10/read-the-four-page-full-colour-preview-of-stolen and Fight or Flight here: unseenshadows.com/2012/10/04/fight-or-flight-is-finished.

We’re edging ever closer to the late 2012 launch of our (that’s me writing, Cormac Hughes on art, Paul Mclaren on lettering and Vicky Stonebridge on colours) Unseen Shadows‘ story Stolen , so how about a four page preview to whet the appetite? Here’s a sample of what awaits you:

You can check out the full preview over at unseenshadows.com.

I’ve a few secret projects up my sleeve – so I’m happy that I’m able to reveal one of them right now.

Barry Nugent, author of Amazon best selling novel Fallen Heroes and the forthcoming sequel, Forgotten Warriors, has signed myself and super-artist Jorge Oliveira to create a short comic called Fight or Flight. Set in the Unseen Shadows universe, the story will be released alongside audio drama Empire of Blood and features the origin of feisty Icarus Foundation investigator Victoria Sullivan.

Fight or Flight has been a great little project to work on, so I’m looking forward to its release, along with my other Unseen Shadows story, Stolen, which features art by the talented Cormac Hughes.

There’s more news to come in due time, but in the meantime you can read the Unseen Shadows press release on Fight or Flight over at unseenshadows.com.

So, what’s next?

Ah, yes. The Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo.

This weekend on 12th and 13th May, I’ll be joining the comic book community and industry for the annual event in Bristol. Last year I was there to launch Magic of Myths: season one – this year I’ll be there to help launch:

Bayou Arcana: Volume 1. Songs of Loss and Redemption (with all the other Bayou Arcana creators)

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival (with fellow creators Yomi Ayeni and Jennie Gyllblad)

– And selling more copies of Magic of Myths: season one.

On top of that, I’ll also be doing talks at three panels. One each for Bayou Arcana and Clockwork Watch at the rather special Markosia Showcase at the Ramada (where we’ll be selling and signing the books), and another will be a Transmedia panel on Saturday at the Ramada at 11.45am, along with Barry Nugent, Stephen M Downey and Scott Grandison. There I’ll be talking about my experiences on Unseen Shadows: Stolen, Clockwork Watch and plans for Magic of Myths, along with some other goodies from the above talented creators.

In short, the busiest and convention I’ll have ever been at. But should be great fun.

You can find us all at the Markosia Showcase at the Ramada, so come over and say hi!

Now here’s an Unseen Shadows update you may not have been expecting…

Barry Nugent, novelist and mastermind behind the whole Unseen Shadows universe, has got TV presenter and writer Jonathan Ross to pen the introduction to the forthcoming Unseen Shadows anthology, Tales of the Fallen.

The anthology is already gathering some well earned and justifiable praise within the independent circuits, so it’s fantastic to get someone like Ross to write the foreword. While Stolen (an adventure/crime story written by myself and artist Cormac Hughes) won’t be in this edition, we have got a two page art preview in there, and the stories that made it into the book are superb – they would be, with the likes of Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Rob Carey, Dan Thompson, Vicky Stonebridge and many other excellent talents behind it.

So, you’ve no excuse now – make sure you pick up a copy of Tales of the Fallen at this year’s Thought Bubble convention or pre-order your copy right here.

Lots of stuff to report about Unseen Shadows, so let’s jump straight to it:

Stolen, an adventure/crime story written by myself and artist Cormac Hughes, is coming along nicely, with more excellent artwork pouring in as I type. There will be a few extra previews to show you soon, but there are a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes which will be revealed as well in due time.

– The first Unseen Shadows anthology, Tales of the Fallen, is going to launch at this year’s Thought Bubble convention – and it’s looking rather sharp. Take a look:

“They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

“They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.”

Tales of the Fallen will launch on 19 November 2011 at Thought Bubble in Leeds. You can read some previews at the official Facebook page.

– Sticking with Thought Bubble, there will be an Unseen Shadows panel held during the festival. On 19 November 2011, 12:00pm to 12:45pm in the Alea Cinema Room, you can Meet The Team That Expanded The Universe. Here’s the blurb from the site:

“Learn how the self-published cult hit novel Fallen Heroes became the epicentre of one of the biggest transmedia experiments in the UK indie arts world comprising comics, prose, audio, live action and including trailblazing talent from all creative fields.”

– There is plenty of Unseen Shadows audio to sink your teeth into as well. You can listen to the first seven minutes of Empire of Blood – The Audio Drama, here, while the audio book version of novel, Fallen Heroes, can be enjoyed here. It’s all for free, so make sure you enter the shadows… 

Fancy some more artwork from Unseen Shadows story, Stolen? Well my artist partner on the story, Cormac Hughes, is happy to oblige. Here’s a sneaky peek at page 2…

Stolen – Page 2(unlettered)

For more, keep an eye on the official Unseen Shadows Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unseen-Shadows/45883763762, and follow us on Twitter via @Unseen_Shadows.

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