Watch the full video of Authenticity and Representation In Games Narratives With Corey Brotherson and Jon Ingold (originally filmed in February 2023).

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Watch the full stream of the Opening Narratives & Displacement in Video Games talk at the Counterpoints Arts PopChange (Pop Culture & Social Change) X Platforma Youth Retreat (originally filmed in October 2019).

Opening Narratives of Migration & Displacement in Video Games

Watch the full stream of the first Ensemble Salon, a series of eight online Q&As showcasing the selected creatives from Games London’s Ensemble 2020/2021 programme. Since 2018, the annual Ensemble exhibition has championed leading black, Asian and marginalised ethnicity voices making games in the UK.

Watch the full stream of Event Horizon – Digital Wor(l)ds – Video Gaming and SFF, with readings, talks and a Q&A on video game related works.

Watch the full video panel of Transmedia Tales – Change the platform and you change the story, a WGGB event, sponsored by Fuesbox games, which took place on 7 July 2020 as part of a week-long online festival of games writing.

Watch the full video from the first ever GamePad Online event, featuring a series of interviews with professionals from the video game industry.

You may have seen this on my Twitter feed already, but if you caught the hint on here from last week, this is the actual reveal – I’m exceptionally happy and humbled to have been included in this year’s Ensemble exhibition (along with seven incredibly talented people) for the London Games Festival.

Ensemble showcases BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) UK video games talent and champions game developers from a broad spectrum of roles and a wide variety of backgrounds, and to be among seven other wonderful and inspiring peeps – Abubakar Salim, Adrian Hon, Catherine Unger, Elle Osili-Wood, Nida Ahmad, Nihal Tharoor and Rosemary Buahin – is a colossal honour. It’s obviously been a difficult and anxious time of late for everyone, so it’s been a blessing to have this to look forward to.

You can read more about us in Ensemble here:

with an Evening Standard article on us here:…/london-games-festival-ensemble…

and a physical exhibition to follow.

Oh, and more secret stuff relating to this will be revealed in the coming months… just as soon as I can stop my head from spinning.

I’m still here…

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After three weekends of events, it’s probably come as no surprise that I need a bit of a break – so I’m fortunate enough to be off on one. I’ll try and do a quick write-up of the past couple cons when I get back, barring any sudden new events that steer me off course.

See you in a couple weeks! Try not to totally destroy this place while I’m gone…

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