Happy New Year!

Hope a (very) early 2014 is bringing you lots of fun – or at least a mild smile to your face.

It barely feels like a month since I was writing for this blog in January 2013. Somehow, a whole year as crept by and I’ve barely had time to update The Writer’s Block. I even had a title change all planned for it. That slipped through the net, too. At least, for now.

And, as always, things have been happening. Gratefully, my profile has continued to grow, and another story is on the verge of being published while several others are either being edited or written. And plans are afoot.

So, a quick update, as seen on my Facebook profile (so apologies if Facebook pulls this into a feed and you’ve already read it): 

Andrew Girdwood has very kindly selected me as ‘one to watch’ in the comic book industry in Forbidden Planet’s Best of 2013 round up: http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2013/best-of-the-year-2013-andrew-girdwood/

And I’ll be doing a guest teacher spot on fiction/writing on Friday 10th January at a good friend’s junior school. Should be interesting, to say the least… wish me luck. 

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