“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you / Without a strong rhyme to step to…”

“When I’m writing, I’m trapped in-between the lines
I escape… when I finish the rhyme…”

There are absences, and there are absences.

And then there’s a six month hiatus where you didn’t even realise half a year has passed.

Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry.

Of course, the ironic thing is, I’ve been keeping the Magic of Myths site going with constant updates. In fact, in the last six months I’ve:

– Launched a graphic novel
– Finished another graphic novel and helped produce three separate editions of it
– Plotted out yet another graphic novel
– Edited a short story due for publication very soon
– Organised attendance to San Diego Comic-Con, coming this month
– Wrote a secret, short story due for publication later this year
– Organised plans for attending at least another UK based convention in October
– Attended E3 for my day job, along with a batch of other things that comes with my regular work

So I’ve not been slacking. Honest. I merely thought I would revamp the site and pick it up again…

…just not, you know, six months later than planned.

As it stands, the site will be changing. A new title, a new, more personal URL (hopefully) and more words than the last six months (badum-tish, thank ye, thank ye, tip your waitress…).

Be back shortly.


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