Pre-order Clockwork Watch: The Arrival!

Our massive Victorian era steampunk thriller, Clockwork Watch, is on the verge of revealing some of its secrets, starting with the first part of the story – graphic novel, The Arrival.

The Arrival follows the journey of an influential Sikh family who have moved to England to help The Queen develop clockwork servants.

But how will this brave transplanted family deal with a world struggling with technological and social change amidst an atmosphere of prejudice and intolerance?

And what effect will this and the introduction of the new clockwork servants have on Britain – and a little boy who has been ripped away from his friends?

If you donated to the project on IndiGoGo last year, you may well see yourself in this tale of society going through a brutal, history altering change. And your involvement won’t end there…

We’re now taking pre-orders for this first graphic novel, which will be followed by a very special surprise on 6 May 2012…

To pre-order The Arrival or read more information on Clockwork Watch, please head over here:

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