Thought Bubble 2011 – in pictures

Whew. What a weekend.

Thought Bubble was brilliant fun.In fact, I’m still very much trying to catch up with everything – it’ll take me a few days to take in the great new people met (hi guys! You’re all amazing!), various books I bought, biz cards traded, new opportunities made and so on.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with two things – the first is a brilliant (as always) write up by my super talented artist partner-in-crime Jennie Gyllblad, who has created a fantastic account of our experiences over the weekend right here. Not only is it funny, it’s also a very accurate description of what happened… drunks, awkward moments and all.

Secondly, a few pictures for you to look at, taken over the two days.

To everyone we met/passed by our table/had a chat with – a big THANK YOU for being so lovely. You made Thought Bubble as great as it was and hopefully we’ll get to catch up again soon…

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