Ringing in the…

You may have noticed a few changes on the site of late…

Yep, The Writer’s Block has gone through a little revamp. There’s still plenty of work to be done as new features are added and refinements made, but I hope you like the changes so far. Feel free to offer feedback as I’ll take any comments on board.

One of the big additions to the site is the menu bar near the top of the page which will detail various projects I’m attached to. It’s a work-in-progress, so there’s plenty more to come, with pages on Clockwork Watch, Unseen Shadows, Bayou Arcana and various other published stories to be added – but in the meantime, you can buy fantasy miniseries Magic of Myths: season one directly from me by clicking on the relevant tab. There’s also the option to purchase the super cheap digital version for £1.50 as well.

There’s plenty more to come soon, so why not stay up to date by subscribing via the menu on the right of this page?

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