Stealing a bit of time

Sometimes, things just work out.

Case in point: remember the secret projects I referred to in the last blog post? Well, the cat is out of the bag for one of them.

On Monday 18th July 2011, I was announced as the writer for a spin-off comic book in the Unseen Shadows universe. You can find out more here. No release date or main details yet, but we’ll let you know more soon.

It means I’ll be writing a full length story using one of the main characters from Barry Nugent’s popular supernatural adventure novel, Fallen Heroes, which you can check out here: This is a book which became a bestseller on Amazon last year, which is a hell of an achievement, and worthily so – it’s a fantastic story which mixes horror, adventure, crime and drama, wrapped up in some lovely prose and superb set pieces. Waterstones said this about Fallen Heroes:

“It reads like a TV series, with cliff hangers at the end of most chapters, and larger than life characters with big egos and quick wits. The book as a whole draws on many popular culture references & influences, and is easily compared to ‘Sin City’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Buffy’ – there really is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading or watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” Waterstones

So you can imagine my joy when Barry accepted my pitch for the character of The Hand, a wise-cracking thief who plays a massive part in Fallen Heroes. Barry enjoyed Magic of Myths and was generous enough to provide the foreword for it, but I can’t say I expected things to move like this. And to add an extra element of trepidation into the blender, Barry had already amassed a very talented and proven creative team for the other spin-offs. So my story has a lot to live up to with such esteemed company.

Pressure? Me? Pah! 😉

After months in the works, it’s great that this is now in the open and moving. And while there’s a lot of work to do, as the Joker famously once said: “I’m a lot happier.”

I’ll leave you with a bit of blurb from my story, titled ‘Stolen‘:

Stealth, skills and style – the life of Ben Ashodi, AKA The Hand, is one hell of a ride. A talented escape artist and professional thief for hire, The Hand teeters on a precarious high wire, balanced between a career of criminality and a strong sense of morals.

Although when responsibility over his past actions catch up with him, it soon becomes clear there are some things even this master escapologist cannot get away from…

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