The update relay

My head is spinning. Not literally, but it’s spinning nonetheless.

I have no idea why. It could be overwork. It could be too many things happening at once. It could be me taking in too much Breaking Bad right now (which is, in my opinion, one of the best written shows on TV and highly recommended).

I honestly have no idea why.

But there are lots of things happening, so whatever is clouding my head into a jumbled mess I’m going to just have to try and find that Moment of Clarity and get on with it.

(But I’m not giving up Breaking Bad. No no no, I’m appropriately hooked).

So, what we have coming on this site is a rush of updates in the coming weeks. The first is an update on mine and Sergio’s miniseries, Magic of Myths. We recently discovered the great news that the Magic of Myths ebook sampler has broken 5,000 views and still climbing each week. It’s a wonderful surprise and motivates us even further towards the release of the Magic of Myths graphic novel, early 2011. Thanks for all your support – the series wouldnt be where it is without your backing and there will be more to check out at the end of the year.

What’s next on the agenda? A little something called Survival Stories. Stay tuned…

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