Putting it all together

So, how about that World Cup, eh?

Sorry for the long radio silence. Magic of Myths is doing its best to keep me busy, so most of my writing has been kept to scripting, promotional work, planning and approvals (not just for that, but other projects as well, which I’ll get to in a bit). It’s kept me off here for a while although I’m determined to not let more than a month go before putting up at least one post. As long as I get this one off, then, I’m good for another month. Hopefully.

 Magic of Myths #3, page 1

In any case, there’s been a lot to talk about. Magic of Myths is doing well, with Issue three now out to read for free, also marking the final free chapter before the graphic novel comes out within the next 6 months. It’s been a wonderful, educating and tiring experience, something I’d happily do again should I be able to convince another artist to come along for the mad ride, as Sergio was so willing to do (for which I’m forever grateful).

We also managed to get some free promotional copies into comic book shops, which went down well, with plans to follow up in the near future. On top of that, an interview with Sergio and I was recently published, giving us lots of space to talk about the miniseries. Many thanks to Drew Edwards and the Your Mom’s Basement crew for setting that up, it was a fantastic experience.

So, if you’ve not read Magic of Myths #3 yet, please do give it a go – and if you like it, tell everyone about it. The postman, your boss, your mistress, everyone.

In other news, James Daniels’ and my vampire story, The Twilight Cleaner is all polished and ready for publication in Insomnia Publications’ Layer Zero anthology this October. Yes, there’s been some rather public problems with the publisher the past couple months, but things are still moving forward, as they are with graphic novel Butterflies and Moths with Jennie Gyllblad that big preview we promised is still on its way, as well. Don’t worry – I may be bad at keeping this blog updated, but I’m not shy about this sort of thing when it’s around…

This week is also National Transplant Week, which I’m a supporter of – Jac has written a great blog post on it and the transplant register over at Up the Far Away Tree that’s worth checking out (as is her blog in general): http://weejac.blogspot.com/2010/07/national-transplant-week-today-marks.html

Oh, and one last thing: Netherlands for the World Cup. You heard it here first. Well, that is, unless you actually live in the Netherlands, in which case you’ve probably heard it a few times already. The psychic octopus gets all his predictions from me, don’t ya know…

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