The perils of writing too much

I’ve been meaning to update this for a while now, sorry for the delay (and subsequent brevity of this entry). Most of my time has been taken up with keeping Magic of Myths ( going (Sergio and I are currently doing an interview for our miniseries, so expect more on that soon), and catching up with work (also known as more writing and not trying to fall over after being off ill for two weeks). With E3 around the corner there’s lots to do, and while I may not be going to sunny LA this year to cover the event, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. Even as a Sony employee who’s been lucky enough to see most of what we’ll be showing (yum) I’m hoping for a few surprises.

So, in the meantime while I furiously type home and away – no, not that Home and Away. Although that would be a good writing break for me – please do feel free to check out the latest stuff from Magic of Myths, which includes:
– Issue one:
– A look behind the scenes:
– The series foreword:
Issue two will be out on June 1st. Please do stop by and comment if you want. The series is ranking quite high on Google at the time of writing, which is nice to see considering it’s a small publication with little exposure beyond word of mouth (and Sergio and I shouting about it on any social network we can find) but we appreciate some feedback as well to know where we’re going right or wrong.
Oh, and I’ve just created a Formspring account, here: which is a bizarre open Q&A style social website where you can ask me questions in the hope that I might answer without facetiousness. I’ll probably regret opening the account, but hey…
Take care for now and thanks as always.
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