Butterflies and Moths – the earliest of previews

I’m still here! Honest. I am.

It’s been a busy month, so apologies on the lack of updates – and to be honest, much of it has been spent trying to write my fantasy drama graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths. It’s five chapters long, and I’m currently at the middle part of chapter four, which brings me up to about 170 pages of A4 script and around 50 more to go. Phew.

The finish-line is in sight, and while it’s not always been an easy task, I can say that for most of the part it’s been an enjoyable ride. Naturally it would have been even more enjoyable if I had more time to spend on it, but it’s a good feeling to be close to completing my first major piece of fiction for publication.

Butterflies and Moths – early/sketched unfinished promo material

There’s been lots of artwork floating around if you’ve been visiting my co-creator Jennie Gyllblad’s site (where there’s plenty more to look over), but I’m going to highlight the first couple pages which are currently in a very early sketch form, along with some other art which is closer to being finished. If you’re wondering what exactly is going on in them, the answers will be clear in due time… and as the pages become more complete and lettered you’ll start to build a picture of the sort of themes and issues Butterflies and Moths will be dealing with. In fact, if you look closely enough from these pages, you can probably spot a few already…

Page 2 (early sketch, unlettered – click to enlarge)

Page 3 (early sketch, unlettered – click to enlarge)

Page 9 (coloured, unlettered – click to enlarge)

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