There’s less of me chatting and more of me quietly getting on with it this week. Why? Because Insomnia has officially signed up an artist partner for my (and now, our) forthcoming graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths.

Step up and take a bow, the talented Ms Jennie Gyllblad (http://jenspiration-now.blogspot.com/). You can read the curious tale of how Jen became noticed by Insomnia Publications over at the company’s blog here.

After a short period of emails and sketch trials, which showed she immediately captured the essence, look and style of the characters, Jennie was swiftly snapped up. And then managed to turn out the better part of a dozen different sketches, layouts, tests and other pieces of artwork to get a feel for the characters and certain settings.

As you can see from the artwork on these pages, she’s a tad different from Fragile‘s also talented artist, Ariyana Vidya, but has a wonderfully eye pleasing style and such a strong command over emotion, expression and nuance that her storytelling simply shines through. There’s also a visual consistency between her version of Angel and Ariyana’s without losing that individuality of style – although the differences are given a little extra attractiveness through the beautiful colours and inks Jen effortlessly lends to her work. At the very least, the graphic novel will be lovely to look at.

Jen is fantastically quick, having produced fully painted pieces of work within a very short space of time, so expect more artwork and previews of Butterflies and Moths soon. As well as a nice little bit about what the actual story is about and how it relates to Fragile.

Catch you in a few…

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