Yggdrasil or crab apple (or: waiting to see which half the glass is)

I’ll spare you the usual déjà vu jokes.

It’s been a very busy month, with a mass of ups and downs, but a full update on things is coming up soon. I’ll spare you the downs, but the ups include some nice surprise announcements, a couple of which have caught me off guard. Let’s just say some of the seeds planted from over a year ago are bearing a little bit of fruit (at last). It’s either a significant part of the journey, or… well, yet another false start. We’ll see.

So apologies on the delay, but there’ll be a mass of news coming soon enough, once I get past the huge amount of work and emails I’ve got on the pile (I owe a few of you replies, sorry about that).

Be back shortly…

…I’ll spare you the usual déjà vu jokes…

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