We’re sorry to interrupt your scheduled programming for…

I don’t have long.

They’ll be coming soon.



I’m just messing with you.

I’m painfully aware it’s been *checks calendar* just over a month since I last posted. Lack of net access, time and my laptop not working has pretty much destroyed my plans for the month for a fair few things. I’m writing this at a pub right now, with my laptop working as long as I don’t move it while I type (although it’s working better now the keyboard is fixed and hinges/screen aren’t damaged – cheers Sanj!) but I’m left with the wonderful dilemma of not having much time to do anything that I want for this site right now. Expect that to change as Christmas approaches and I get a tad more time, infinite more net access and hopefully my laptop issues sorted (cheers Sanj!).

Joy to the world.

But thanks to those who’ve been still looking in here every few days or so and reading the archives. I’ll have some properly fresh content soon enough. Lord knows I’ve plenty to write about.

One thing I’ve noticed, however, is the post I made nearly one year ago: http://cbrotherson.blogspot.com/2006/12/warning-following-programme-contains.html

In some ways, very little has changed and in other ways, everything has changed.

And that’s all my ominous clues used up for today.

Hopefully catch you again in a couple weeks…


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