Okay, so this is all taking longer than expected.

Sorry about that. But currently my only reliable net access is a) at work (which obviously I can’t really entertain) and b) at a nearby wi-fi bar close to where I’m currently living. And while that gives me an excuse to sit around, drink rum and Guinness while I’m online, my laptop battery lasts all 2 hours before I have to leave and recharge it, at which point (pint?) I don’t want to venture back to the bar because I really can’t afford to buy any more rum and Guinness (London prices!) and I don’t think owners of said bar would be too happy with me lounging around leeching their internet connection without actually buying anything.

So I’m left to moments like now where I’m back in B’ham, furiously typing in the limited time I have before London takes me back into her busy bosom.

But it DOES mean I have a tad more to talk about between absences.

First bit of news: a publisher who I can’t name right now recently decided to give me the green light to search for an artist for a series I pitched to it. Both a good and bad thing, really. I’m very happy that the series has a chance to live, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any duration of time, you’ll know me and artist-hunts tend to be a bit of a painstaking pain in the big butt of pain situation. So a-hunting I will go, although I at least I have the carrot of money to offer should we get things finished, which is more than I can usually offer simply because the publisher’s got a good head sitting on its shoulders. But as usual, if you’re reading this and are thinking you may be up to the task, give me a shout.

Next bit of news, also comic related. One of my other series’ has now got a cover and several pages lettered to go with it. Check out the first few inked and now lettered pages of The Teams over here: While I’m very, very happy to see the lettered pages coming through (next stop is colouring), I’m irrationally ecstatic at seeing my name on the cover as the writer. It probably wont mean anything to you per se, but it’s the first time I’ll have had my name on the front of a book, written by me. It’s the equivalent of a new author seeing the cover of his book for the first time and realising ‘maybe this IS all going to happen’. A strange sense of creative ownership and makes it all seem a bit more real. It’s a nice feeling.

In any case, I hope you like the preview there now that you can actually read some of the story that goes with the pretty art. Admittedly, it’s a bit hard to re-read myself (mainly because I feel first issues on a whole tend to be fairly unrefined compared to what comes after it and I wrote it over a year ago where I was a lot greener than I am now 13 issues and several other series’ later) but I’ll be very happy to see it fully done and on sale, whenever that may be. I’ll be shouting very loudly of any official announcments, don’t you worry.

Hopefully this time next year I’ll be writing more about the series, several issues in. And hopefully without being shanked by fandom, too.

Another gaming column is due on here soon, so expect an update a bit quicker than the gap between this and last. I’m planning to get all the editing and legwork done now before I’m relegated to the net bar again (bring on the rum!), so like my cub-scout self 20 years ago I shall be oh-so prepared.


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