A moment of clarity

Okay, so here’s the situation.

Next week I step back into the inescapable rabbit hole that is the Games Industry -capitals for she who must be obeyed- full-time. Having been knocking around its flashing coloured district for the past six years (the last two being freelance) it’s strange to think I’ve been working for the media as long as I have without going slightly more insane than I already am. But back I go. And mercifully, it’s one of the more sensible and adult decisions I’ve made this year -you can count those on the fingers of one hand, by the way.

However, it also means my games freelancing days are totally over. Which in turn means no more rambling at length about whatever the heck I want about whatever console that’s fallen within my gaze, while being paid for it.

So it’s likely the videogames slant that’s been slightly marginalised in The Writer’s Block will re-emerge a bit more in the coming months to allow me to express matters I’m unable to cover in my full-time role. In-between me pleading (pleading!) for you to buy my forthcoming brain haemorrhages spilled out on flat dead trees, of course.

Fortunately, I have content in that area that can be used to kick off this direction. Some of you may have noticed the lack of Wii Chat articles over the past few months. Don’t ask me why, because frankly, I (and the other writers of the site) don’t know the reasons. I’m secretly hoping the editor hasn’t fallen off a cliff or anything equally as perilous. But in any case, I had a backlog of articles written that never saw print, and seeing as they’re still my own intellectual property I thought I may as well start posting them here in all their verbose, tangent sparking glory. This site could do with more content of that kind, and if I’m going back to my games roots full-time I may as well begin things with some good ol’ fashioned column roughage as breakfast to this new ‘day’.

So thanks for sticking with me; see you on the other side…

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