A sign of things to come

It’s preview week!

As promised, a sneak peak into a few things that are coming down the line in the not too far flung future, with any luck. I’m not saying much about them as I’d rather let the artwork speak for itself (and indeed it does, because it’s all superb) but the following snippets and early sketches are taken from forthcoming works, drawn by the very talented S. Catley, S.Calvert and S.O’Donnell. The names don’t necessarily correspond to the order of images and I’ve left off first names until everything is 100% and done, but needless to say these guys are very VERY good at what they do and I’m extremely privileged to be working with them.

Expect more in the coming months as we build towards the next dreaded publishing dates of the year.

Another preview of another kind (hopefully) next week.

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