Waiting for Godot / (they do not move)

Well, my audience figures have been skyrocketing the past two days, and I have no real idea why. Seems that Manhunt images are in at the moment which makes sense, but what makes less sense is people being directed to here looking for “man”, “m” and “manhu”. Bizarre.

But seeing as you’re here, welcome anyway – have a beer, take a look around and I think there’s some pie left on the window to cool, if no one’s taken off with it yet. There’s plenty of ‘m’ here (here comes one now! Oh, it’s just left), one ‘man’ (although he arguably has the mind of a child) and erm, not so much ‘manhu’, but when I work out what it is, I’m sure I’ll be able to provide it. Maybe.

Anyway, to this week’s entry, something that’s been requested although likely to be of little to no interest to those who are coming here via inexplicable traffic spikes (unless you’re a publishing agent and/or editor looking for digressing writers/clients – in which case, email me *wink wink*): another sample of one of my many fiction projects. No pictures, sadly, as it’s prose, but I have a very new comic project that I should be able to show off in a month’s time. I’m also approaching my first full year as a ‘professional’ (in the sense that’s it’s a steady job, rather than me being particularly great at it) comic book series writer. Ironically, I’ll probably have no money to actually celebrate it, so I’ll work some more, and then just before I go to bed I’ll confine myself to a room and drink rum until I’m so ill that it just FEELS like I’ve been out to celebrate. Bit like my 22nd birthday, then. Ahh. “Misty water-coloured meeeeeemories, of the way we were…”

Anyway, extract. This barely formed novel is currently untitled, but the previous chapter can be found here –http://cbrotherson.blogspot.com/2006/09/game-of-you-and-sometimes-me.html– to refresh yourself. I’ll post it in a separate entry, for ease of reading. Let me know what you think if you have time, and see you next week, where the whimsy will probably be as low as the page hits once people get fed up of looking for ‘manhu’. Such is life.

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