Skipping a beat… down

This is more a case of letting you know I’ve not abandoned the site (force of habit; net culture rule of thumb usually states if you keep visiting a site that hasn’t updated in its usual time frame, you tend to stop visiting). Things are just a tad busy at the moment and I still wanted to focus on the fact Tales From the Plex Vol 2 is out, before I go into anything else. So consider my previous entry below this one as my most recent blurb until early next week when I’ll come back with a couple of other relatively big bits of news.

If you’ve already purchased a copy of Tales; thank you!

If you’ve not; what are you waiting for? 😉

I’ll be back again late weekend with various bits of newsage regarding more fiction of mine spraying itself all over the place with little shame. Should be an interesting ride…

For now – back to deadline script editing!

Joy :-s

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