The calm before the preview

Before I launch into this week’s Bad Luck Inc. preview, just a quick update on things.

Tales From the Plex Volume 2, where Bad Luck Inc. will be included, is about this close *holds thumb and finger a centimetre apart* from being completed. The Editor, the brilliant (don’t tell him I said that!) Daniel Lundie, is preparing the final stages of editing, proofing, production and such, which means the launch is very very close. I’ll provide links to where it’ll be on sale once it’s all clear and ready. Sadly, the parent site, Futurius, has gone down through the hosting company screwing Dan over, which means the prior links I provided where all the creators of the anthology hang out is temporarily gone.

The flip side to this is that Dan has set up a merchandise page which sells funky related Tales from the Plex 2 related clothing and goodies. It’s over at, so give it a look.

More WiiChat articles went up last week (working on a biggie for tomorrow as well) and can be found here: (Why Wii Will Win The Console War) and here (7 Ways To Improve The Virtual Console). The former proved to be stupidly popular, actually getting some heavy hits on for a while through a rampant fanboy argument surge. Ironically, that same rampant fanboy argument surge killed its Dig-ability within 24 hours. But still – it proved a valuable example for me on how to tap a vein of popularity.

My Spider-Man: Reign #4 review also went up last week hours after my last update here. And it promptly got me into a brief and utterly stupid fight. You can read all the drama over at the review link, here: Naturally there’s no real point to the flame war that broke out and I think I explain myself more than enough there to bother going into detail about it here, but this is the nature of people and via proxy, the internet. The younger me would have responded in verbal kind, but that’s exactly the reason why the current me didn’t.

I saw 300 last night and it was indeed glorious. Much better, in fact, than the generally excellent graphic novel it was based on. A beautiful film to watch, and hugely entertaining. People will naturally try and find as much subtext as they can in its telling, but I’d consider that probably going a bit overboard. Its factual/historical accuracy is pretty shaky to say the least and it’s a story designed to tell the simple principle of freedom vs. tyranny and how the few can make a difference against the many. And beyond that, how history can be subjected to myth and legend regardless of who the ‘winner’ is. But really, most of all, it’s just a damn well-made popcorn flick.

Right. I’m still stupidly busy and suffering from man-flu, so I’ll get on with the Bad Luck Inc. preview to follow later today or tomorrow (given the project’s imminent completion, I may have some lettered pages to throw up instead of the unlettered ones, so we’ll see how that plays out).

See you in a few.

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