A flirtation with procrastination

Was so close to putting this off -again- because of several reasons:

1) There’s been several bits of good news regarding my comic work


3) The Futurius Anthology which it’s featured in is still at least a month off

4) Because of reasons 1) and 2), plus all the hubbub over my birthday last week (thanks again to all for the well wishes, cards and presents – although to the person who sent me a late card today, only for the postage to be totally inadequate and now forcing me to pay £1.05 to pick it up from the Delivery Office… I’m afraid you only get an embarrassing shake of the head… I appreciate the thought, though), things have been chaotic. Not helped by my scheduling problems here which has pushed me from updating every Sunday to now ‘whenever suits’. So I’ll go back to a Sunday schedule or thereabouts next week.

However, I’ve decided if I get the ball rolling now on the previews, probably doing these every two weeks in the countdown to publication, as to space things out. The weeks in-between I may finally be able to unveil my good news – although some of you may already know anyway. Needless to say, it involves more of my dirty words being spread to the globe. And actually getting a little money from it, too. By the end of the year, many more people will be exposed to the vagaries of my mind. Please refrain from egging me in the streets until then, however. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Right, Bad Luck Inc. previews, then. That will be in the next post, sometime in the following hours it takes me to consult my plot and character notes and dig out some artwork. Back in a moment…

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