The inevitable F.A.Q – Part 1: Me, myself and…

I admit, my profile doesn’t give much away. So, this is to keep up-to-date with another log while providing information that may be useful to potential employers or those looking to kill a few minutes exploring the dark corners of my psyche. I’ll probably be throwing more stuff in as I go along, so if there’s a question missing and it’s relatable, fire it over.

We’ll start with a general one, and do more sections after.


So, what’s your name?
Corey Brotherson

Currently 27, although this will change next year. Adjust accordingly.

As I write this, Bathgate, Scotland. By the time you read this, it’ll probably be Birmingham, England. I’ve also lived in Bournemouth and London.

A BA in English Language and Literature, and a PGDip & MA in Multi Media Journalism.

Fancy. What’s your current work?

Some journalism, some critique, some fiction. General writing. I’m not fussy, although I tend to stick mostly in the entertainment field, as that’s what I’ve been in for the past half decade. Feel free to ask for a CV/resume.

What mediums?
Mostly games and comics, but I also do film and music reviews, if needed/wanted. I used to write for student magazine DeUCE and graduate site Graduate Planet before I started as a full time writer, both of which covered films, music and lifestyle stuff. I’ve also been a ‘games expert’ for TV programmes Revved Up and Gamesville. I probably looked like a deer in headlights for both.

Will you work for me?
Why, yes!
Wait, doing what exactly?

Erm… writing, type stuff.
Why, yes!
Well, it depends on what, but I’m open to work offers. Worst I can say is “no”. Unless you’re rude, in which case, I can say I lot worse. I can swear in several different languages when needed.

You’re not scaring anyone. What are your rates?
My rates depend on the type of work, estimated time taken, deadline restrictions, that sort of stuff. I cant quote prices here, as I tend to be adaptable, but see the other sections for more details on the sort of additional factors taken into account.

Will you take full-time/contract work?
Full time: depends on the work, but likely yes if it’s something I’m interested in.
Contract: almost definitely. As any freelancer will tell you, contractual work is veritable manna from heaven because it offers stable and reliable work/income.
In both cases, I’m willing to relocate if it’s something I think I’ll enjoy and there’s work permanence.

Do you hang out at any forums?
Yeah, although I tend to avoid ones dealing with ‘real life’ as it were. Things get heated enough in the entertainment ones I circulate, let alone places where actual important stuff is talked about. I’m usually seen around Gaming-Age, Comix-Fan, Millarworld and Games Radar. I lurk many other places, but my posting time is often cut down due to work, and the high probability of being dragged into some sort of flame war over nothing.

How can I contact you?
You can either leave a comment with details on how I can get back to you, or just send an email to cbrotherson “at”

Why do you put “at” in quotation marks, you awkward sod?
It’s just to avoid getting spammed to death by automated web crawlers and such. Just replace it with “@” when you’re attacking my inbox, sans spaces. Thanks!

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