Editing and Creative Consulting

Related roles examples:

  • Line editor, social media manager and project assistant – Butterfly Books
  • Adapting writer, contributing writer and line editor – Clockwork Watch (graphic novels, marketing, participatory events)
  • Mock review writer – PlayStation Europe

Related appearances include:

  • Guest speaker on Transmedia Tales – Change the Platform and You Change the Story panel – Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (virtual/video)
  • Guest speaker on Writing for Video Games panel – British Film Institute (BFI), London
  • Guest presentation speaker on non-colonial writing (Who Gets to Imagine the Future?) – Literature Must Fall Festival, Birmingham
  • Guest presentation speaker on Writing for Social Issues and Immigration – PopChange X Platforma Retreat (Counterpoints), Canterbury
  • Panel speaker on Diversity in Comics – Not Another Comic Con, Birmingham
  • Panel speaker on writing for Unseen Shadows – Thought Bubble, Leeds
  • Panel speaker on transmedia writing – Bristol Convention, Bristol
  • Panel speaker on writing for Clockwork Watch – Thought Bubble, Leeds
  • Panel speaker on writing post-Insomnia Publications – Ka-Pow, London

Guest teaching appearances include:

  • Year 9 assembly presentation and ‘writing fiction and for comic books’ workshop (secondary school level) – Tanbridge House Academy
  • Writing for comic books workshop (secondary school level) – Leeds West Academy
  • Creative writing workshop (secondary school level) – Leeds West Academy
  • Writing mechanics workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy
  • Year 6 presentation and figurative language workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy
  • Writing mechanics workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy

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Primes – sample 2

Biggeron ‘the sharp shooter’ opened his eyes from his ritual show meditation. His large, balding, 7ft, pasty white frame had been working for hours now, with the Gods-day festival well and truly in stride by the hazy and warm afternoon. Amongst the numerous festivities of…

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Primes – sample 1

“Come back here you li’ll thief!!!!” Jinx didn’t bother looking back at the ‘slightly’ angry stall vender as he sprinted towards the back ally which would lead out of Axal street. He wasn’t quite sure why his telekinesis failed so suddenly, especially seeing as the…

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The Primes background blurb

So, Primes. This started after being inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. In essence, a fantasy-comedy. Thankfully (for the sake of identity), I found my own voice fairly quickly with the whole thing, and it evolved into something totally different. As previously explained, the Primes…

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This entry comes in at a strange time. Work-wise, I’ve been assigned with a veritable mother-lode, which has had me slightly panicked about getting everything done in time for deadline (I’ve not missed a single one since going freelance, although that’s because I refuse to,…

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The inevitable F.A.Q – Part 3: Fiction and comic books

Fiction and comic books: What do you do in the fiction/comic book industry?Currently, prose, scripting and reviewing. Who for?I review for ComiX-Fan on a mostly monthly basis. I’m also writing projects for Gorelab, Futurius, Onyx Cross and a couple other independent comic book companies I…

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The inevitable F.A.Q – Part 1: Me, myself and…

I admit, my profile doesn’t give much away. So, this is to keep up-to-date with another log while providing information that may be useful to potential employers or those looking to kill a few minutes exploring the dark corners of my psyche. I’ll probably be…

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Primes: Bad Blood sample

Lots of new people coming in (please feel free to leave any comments, I dont bite… hard), so just another update for freshness. The following sample is from my fantasy novella, Primes: Bad Blood. It’s a full length story, totally finished (although I may add…

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Bad Luck Inc. preview

Well, here I’m kinda cheating. I’ve published this before elsewhere, but seeing as this is my own space with my own publishing terms, I can do a bit more with it now. Bascially, there’s a ton of stuff that’s kinda sitting in the creative womb…

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The intro track

First things first. This is, for all intents and purposes, a blog to promote my work. I’m not one for typically blogging stuff (I tend to find my thoughts are far too random and strange for public consumption), so I’ll be using this primarily to…

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