Editing and Creative Consulting

Related roles examples:

  • Line editor, social media manager and project assistant – Butterfly Books
  • Adapting writer, contributing writer and line editor – Clockwork Watch (graphic novels, marketing, participatory events)
  • Mock review writer – PlayStation Europe

Related appearances include:

  • Guest speaker on Writing for Video Games panel – British Film Institute (BFI), London
  • Guest presentation speaker on non-colonial writing (Who Gets to Imagine the Future?) – Literature Must Fall Festival, Birmingham
  • Guest presentation speaker on Writing for Social Issues and Immigration – PopChange X Platforma Retreat (Counterpoints), Canterbury
  • Panel speaker on Diversity in Comics – Not Another Comic Con, Birmingham
  • Panel speaker on writing for Unseen Shadows – Thought Bubble, Leeds
  • Panel speaker on transmedia writing – Bristol Convention, Bristol
  • Panel speaker on writing for Clockwork Watch – Thought Bubble, Leeds
  • Panel speaker on writing post-Insomnia Publications – Ka-Pow, London

Guest teaching appearances include:

  • Year 9 assembly presentation and ‘writing fiction and for comic books’ workshop (secondary school level) – Tanbridge House Academy
  • Writing for comic books workshop (secondary school level) – Leeds West Academy
  • Creative writing workshop (secondary school level) – Leeds West Academy
  • Writing mechanics workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy
  • Year 6 presentation and figurative language workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy
  • Writing mechanics workshop (junior school level) – Victoria Park Academy

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The San Diego Comic-Con come-down

It’s catch up time. Which means, a brief run down of the fun and games that is San Diego Comic-Con… First up, Clockwork Watch creator Yomi Ayeni and I were interviewed a couple times, to talk about our projects, Vampire Boogie, Clockwork Watch and Magic…

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A nice surprise…

Seems I’ve got a little section on Leeds West Academy’s site after doing a guest teaching spot there… http://www.leedswestacademy.org.uk/news/graphic-novel-production A really pleasant and unexpected addition – thanks to the wonderful people at Leeds West Academy for the opportunity.

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Watch_Dogs unleashed

Well, the embargo is over and I can finally talk about it – last week I jetted off to Montreal to play Watch_Dogs on PS4. And it was superb. I’ve got a ton of content coming up for Watch_Dogs on eu.playstation.com and blog.eu.playstation.com, so that…

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Quick updates

Why, hello there. It’s been a while, but I have news. In an appropriate flash format. Thar she blows: – Magic of Myths was chosen as a highlight book for the Comics should be good blog for its Month of African-American Comics. (Yes, we’re aware…

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Happy New Year!

Hope a (very) early 2014 is bringing you lots of fun – or at least a mild smile to your face. It barely feels like a month since I was writing for this blog in January 2013. Somehow, a whole year as crept by and…

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Dead Roots – Kickstarter

Just a quick one as things are little crazy right now… As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been working on a story for zombie anthology, Dead Roots. And now, Dead Roots‘ chief all all-round good guy Mike Garley has launched a Kickstarter campaign for…

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Take a sneaky peek at my newest, secret project…

As Etta James might sing…. “At laaaaaaaaast…”  So, in-between writing Magic of Myths: season two, Clockwork Watch: Breakaway and other bits and bobs, I’ve been secretly working on another project which I’d been signed up to. A secret project I can finally talk about in…

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San Diego Comc-Con – blog three… and more

Here’s the final parts of my blog from our time at San Diego Comic-Con, via Geek Syndicate: http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/2013/07/19/adventures-at-sdcc-2013-with-corey-brotherson-and-the-steampunk-syndicate-day-2/ http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/2013/07/23/adventures-at-sdcc-2013-with-corey-brotherson-and-the-steampunk-syndicate-day-34-and-5/

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