I’ve a few secret projects up my sleeve – so I’m happy that I’m able to reveal one of them right now.

Barry Nugent, author of Amazon best selling novel Fallen Heroes and the forthcoming sequel, Forgotten Warriors, has signed myself and super-artist Jorge Oliveira to create a short comic called Fight or Flight. Set in the Unseen Shadows universe, the story will be released alongside audio drama Empire of Blood and features the origin of feisty Icarus Foundation investigator Victoria Sullivan.

Fight or Flight has been a great little project to work on, so I’m looking forward to its release, along with my other Unseen Shadows story, Stolen, which features art by the talented Cormac Hughes.

There’s more news to come in due time, but in the meantime you can read the Unseen Shadows press release on Fight or Flight over at unseenshadows.com.

Right, the next bit of big news.
Magic of Myths: season two has, regrettably, slipped into 2013. This is explained in more detail over on our official site (http://magicofmyths.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/magic-of-myths-season-two-news-and-a-new-book/) however, we’ll be releasing the Magic of Myths 2013 preview book to keep things going as well as give you a little taste of what’s to come next year.

The Magic of Myths 2013 preview book will include a seven-page preview of Magic of Myths: season two and a range of surprises as well which we’ll announce before its launch in November this year, at the
Thought Bubble convention in Leeds.

You can read all about the announcement over at the official Magic of Myths site

On July 14th/15th, Clockwork Watch is gearing up for another live event which you can be part, no matter where you are:

Visit clockworkwatch.org for more details!

Lots to report, but one thing at a time…

Clockwork Watch has been featured in Bizarre Magazine this month, which has left us all very happy:

We get a lovely write-up – many thanks to the Bizarre team – so head over to your local newsagent and pick up a copy!

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