Today we launch the funding for The Arrival, our first graphic novel in the epic transmedia project that is Clockwork Watch.

Drawn by Jennie Gyllblad and adapted by myself from filmmaker Yomi Ayeni‘s original script, The Arrival tells the story of a world struggling with technological and social change. New models of clockwork servants become ever-more advanced and human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the clockworks are becoming more human, and not all humans are as human as they think they are…

You can literally become part of this experience spanning comics, film, theatre, games and more. Head over to for more info and please donate if you can, to help give this massive project life. And if you’ve not already done so, spread the word of the official Clockwork Watch: The Transmedia Experience Facebook page.

Love, Like, Live Clockwork Watch!

Fancy some more artwork from Unseen Shadows story, Stolen? Well my artist partner on the story, Cormac Hughes, is happy to oblige. Here’s a sneaky peek at page 2…

Stolen – Page 2(unlettered)

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Clockwork Watch is ticking along nicely…

With Jennie drawing up concept artwork every week and concept creator and writer Yomi preparing an onslaught of news to unleash, our romantic Steampunk thriller Clockwork Watch is on the verge of revealing more of itself in the coming weeks. An IndieGoGo page is being set up for the first chapter of the story, The Arrival, with more news to come on how exactly Clockwork Watch will unfold.

Here’s a quick look at some of Jen’s lovely work so far:

You can find plenty more here:

The official site is being worked on, but in the meantime you can stay up to date via the official Facebook page:

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Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Magic of Myths in all of this recent excitement…

Currently on sale in Birmingham from the legendary Nostalgia and Comics, those a bit closer to London can dive into the first volume of Sergio’s and my fantasy miniseries thanks to Gosh! London, which is now selling Magic of Myths. Recently relocated into Soho, you can find Gosh! London‘s shop at:

1 Berwick Street
London W1F 0DR

There you’ll find Magic of Myths sitting on their independents shelf. Be quick if you want a copy, as there’s not many left. A massive thanks to Gosh! London for supporting the book.

Keep reading the official Magic of Myths site for more information on where you can pick up a copy, and all the latest news on the miniseries. And if you want to buy a copy via mail, you can put in an order over at Indy Planet [].

Grab a copy and let us know what you think!

With gamescom kicked squarely in the arse (well, either that or it’s stopped kicking me in the face… these concepts are easily confused), I’ve got enough time for a few quick updates. I’ll drip feed them in the shallow pretence that it’ll make the site look a little less sparse in the busy coming weeks. Hurrah!

So, the script to Stolen – a story set in the  Unseen Shadows universe – is done, and the Unseen Shadows creator and novelist, Barry Nugent, is happy with it, which in turn makes me very happy. And the wonderfully talented Cormac Hughes is currently working hard on transforming the script into something visual and pretty that will look much nicer on the page than my black-ink-on-white-paper ramblings.

In fact, here’s Cormac right now with some rather nice artwork…

Stolen – Page 1 (unlettered)

You can see some character sketches and more over here:

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