Magic of Myths: season one is so close to release (14th May, in case you didn’t know) that you can expect a fair few of my future posts to be talking about it (sorry). As my first major non-anthology book to be published, it’s been both hard work and pleasure in equal measure.

But we’ve tried to make sure you get value for your £7.99/$12.99. So, to that end, you’re not just getting a story, you’re also getting a whole range of extras as well. Magic of Myths: season one includes:

Head over to the official site and you’ll be able to read half of the book’s tale and all sorts of columns and info on it. And if it takes your fancy, please do subscribe to the site and we’ll keep you updated on future news in the run-up to the book’s launch.

 “…And you’re back in the room.”

Illness: over. Much needed break: under (going).

Several days into my time off and the last vestiges of illness, along with the stresses of work are melting away. Which is just as well, as there’s plenty to do. But let’s get things back on track.

Mine and Sergio’s forthcoming miniseries graphic novel, Magic of Myths: season one, is on the verge of release now, with a May 14th 2011 launch. At a wallet friendly price of £7.99, we’ll be launching the book the Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo, selling it on the show floor for Saturday only. The very kind and talented Simon Gurr has offered to share his table for the launch of Magic of Myths: season one, so you can come over on the day and buy a copy from Table 16 in Hall 3 (here’s a map for you: as well as buy some fabulous artwork from another amazing artist, Jennie Gyllblad (who is working with me on our graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths).

We’ll also be selling Magic of Myths: season one at the wonderful comic book shop Nostalgia and Comics, online vendors, and a couple other places as well. Hopefully a few digital options will be available by that time, too.

What is Magic of Myths? Well, it’s a fantasy adventure following a young lady called Eve as she’s plunged into a bizarre magic world and forced to complete five tasks to return home. Check out the back of book blurb below and you can read half of the story (issues one to three) for free over at the official site.

 More news to come on this and another project in process, soon.

Just a quick one, sorry – my planned updates for the past few weeks have been a bit waylaid, between Magic of Myths finally hitting the printers (more on that soon), lots of work, emergency babysitting for two days straight (which was actually a strange, and at times, life-affirming pleasure, despite the constant worry, lack of sleep, nappies etc) and also the same sodding illness which struck me nearly four years ago. To say it’s brutal would be an understatement. Sleep and food were pretty much a distant memory for the past three days.

And now my eyes ache from too much screen-time, so like a tired old man, I’m out of here.

Catch you on the flipside soon, hopefully.

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