Three posts in one month? Must be a fever.

A quick one, if I may, before I go home after a long day at work. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this is a follow-up from the last post regarding Jen’s fancy sculpture of our collaborative graphic novel‘s main character, Angel. The finished article is nearly here, and it’s pretty damn good.

And here’s a small shot of it painted (with another unfinished yet still superb sculpture made by Jen – she doesn’t sleep, I swear).

Oh, if you’re wondering what’s going on with the graphic novel itself, well, there should be something tasty coming up in a month or so. I’ve seen the latest pages and they’re… well, beautiful. Full of blood and suffering, but, you know, you knew that anyway…

Just a quick one today, with some more visually pleasing snippets from the talented Ms Gyllblad related to our forthcoming graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths.

First up, a freshly painted page from the first chapter. Once we’ve got all the pages from that chapter completed (there’s a few more left to go), there will eventually be a full-on, lettered preview for you to read in all its glory. Needless to say, when that happens you’ll know about it…

And while we’re here, Jen’s been working on a side project – making a sculpture of the graphic novel’s main character, Angel. We’ve talked about potentially using it for various promotions and maybe even a business card holder for when we go to cons, which would be pretty damn cool. Poor Angel is currently without her head in this pic (although it’s already done, just waiting to be attached) but you can already see the similarities, especially compared to the artwork above.

Should look amazing once it’s all put together and painted.

Catch you soon…

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it’s coming a bit late in the day, but as the first entry of 2010 it’s still relevant. Which in turn reflects my hopes that this blog will be more relevant this year, through a combination of more frequent updates (or at least more than once per month) and the formation of my publishing plan, which is coming together bit by bit.

But we’ll get into all of that as we go on. The first thing which the newborn gaze of 2010 will turn to is forthcoming 12 page story, The Twilight Cleaner, drawn by James Daniels. The artwork is finished, the pages are lettered and so it’s just going through a final round of minor edits before we can put it to bed and declare the first project of the year completed and ready for publication.

So, as expected, here’s the first lettered preview of our British vampire story, The Twilight Cleaner (to be published in Insomnia Publications’ forthcoming Layer Zero anthology). Hope you enjoy it and see you again soon…

The Twilight Cleaner
By Corey Brotherson and James Daniels

Page one
(click to enlarge)

Page two
(click to enlarge)

Page three
(click to enlarge)

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